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World Forum on Natural Capital seeks innovations to inspire rapid growth in conservation finance and help meet the Global Goals for 2030


During this November’s World Forum on Natural Capital, taking place in Edinburgh on 27 & 28 November, we will invite delegates to help find solutions to three significant challenges. Challenge number three is this: How can innovators & entrepreneurs spearhead a rapid transformation in conservation finance to help us on the road to the Global Goals for 2030?

Leading the change

The World Forum on Natural Capital offers a unique opportunity to hear the latest developments, learn from real-life case studies and connect with leading players to help shape the emerging dialogue on how we better manage our natural assets. To help shape this dialogue, we are inviting members to share their ideas, solutions, and knowledge in relation to three challenges. Throughout the two days of the World Forum, delegates will also be contributing ideas and expertise to help address these challenges. Your input will feed into discussions at the event, culminating in the selection of the most promising solutions which will be shared at the end of the event on behalf of the delegates, World Forum partners and

Why this matters

With the global population heading towards nine billion, the natural world is facing unprecedented pressure to support human activity. Not only will this have profound consequences for society and the economy, it will also have major strategic implications for business. When you factor in the impact the agriculture & food, construction and chemical sectors have, coupled with the increasing scarcity and unreliability of natural resources, the importance of a different path forward is clear. 

Join the conversation, be a part of the solution

The World Forum on Natural Capital is looking for your innovations to help bring about rapid growth in conservation finance and help us on the road to the Global Goals for 2030. If you’re an innovator with a product or service that could help towards this goal or have research on this topic you feel would further the conversation, we encourage you to add your solution or library item to this challenge, or leave a reply in the comment section.


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