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Waste Into Gold: Help Biosfera, TERI and scale up!


Bio-jewelry is a perfect example of high-end biomass value-creation. Biosfera, TERI and are looking for ways to upscale the 3D-printing process of bio-jewelry. What are the technical aspects need to be considered in order to industrialize the concept? How can we tackle branding and marketing?

Fighting pollution and providing livelihoods

Millions of north Indian farmers, set fire to their crop residues, because they consider it waste. As a result of the noxious air quality in New Delhi, the smog-choked city now pushes farmers to stop burning their straw. They now need ways to upcycle their waste streams.

The Biosfera Foundation, TERI and come with a solution: these waste streams from agri-food production can be an excellent raw material for a multitude of products, including biofuels, building elements and.. jewelry! Accessories are of course at the top of the value chain, which means it can provide livelihoods for struggling rural families and contribute to the growing circular economy.

Fashionable waste

The agro-waste - we are mainly focussing on (paddy) straw - can be processed and refined in multiple stages, which can all be used for the creation of different products. One of the first stages separates sugars from fibers. TERI has developed a technique that allows us to turn the sugars into poly lactic acid for 3D-printing filaments. After the printing process, a team of famous Dutch designers and architects will cater for inspiring designs, using various techniques such as laser-cutting, moulding and dying using natural mushroom pigments. Next, we will partner with local Indian jewelry manufacturers and retailers. As they also want to enter the international market, the project is scalable and suitable to be deployed nationally, in and with local rural communities, as well as worldwide.

Our Challenge

We have the capacity, equipment and knowledge to produce bio-jewelry on a relatively small scale. However, the next step that we are taking is industrial roll-out. Therefore, we are looking for expertise:

  • Experts on top-notch 3D-printing that can provide technical assistance for up-scaling;
  • Marketing/branding experts that will make our products appealing to the Indian market, as well as the international market.

Do you want to be part of this innovative project? We are happy to hear from you! Contact DaniĆ«l Lipschits ([email protected]) directly, or leave your comment/solution below.

Cover photo: Flickr. Image: Pixabay.

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Reactie van Richard

Development of biobased filaments for 3D-printing and 3D-printer to print series (lower costs - easier upscaling) is available in NL. Expect the 3D-printer is best opportunity to scale up.