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Sanpac Kenya seeks innovative renewable energy services


Sanpac Africa is experiencing dual challenges - How to address the increasing prevalence of plastic bag bans and how to reduce our energy bill, currently at 9% of our expenses, €50,000 monthly. While we have sufficient roof space for solar, capital is scarce and expensive, we'd rather find an external company to provide and manage it.

Dutch synergy possible

Given one of our three business arms is floriculture packaging with Dutch partner Decowraps, there is potential for beneficial collaboration for Netherlands based solar providers. Further, we import and sell geosynthetic materials for construction and create rigid plastic packaging. 

Energy efficient equipment is cost prohibitive, solar is our strongest path forward

While we are exploring another path to energy expense reduction via energy efficient machines and equipment leading to a 10% savings, the €400,000 equipment cost is prohibitive. Given the optimum conditions for solar power usage in Kenya, whoever is able to craft a solar solution for us could stand to gain a lot, since it will prove the viability of such an option to other companies in the region. 

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Geschreven door Paul Smith op 01-12-17

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Reactie van Ilonka

Hi! There are options to lease solar panels. Then it is not needed to have investment capital. You just pay a monthly lease which includes installation, warranty and maintenance. I don't think it is likely that a Dutch company is interested because they have to travel a lot for maintenance etc. There are, however, companies in Africa who do this too. An example of a company in Africa is

Kenyan plastic packaging company Sanpac currently spends 9% of our budget on energy. We're solar ready but don't want to manage or own it. Who can provide the best solution?


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