Waste-based Brick

Waste-based Brick

To this day very few construction materials are produced in a circular way. StoneCycling is changing that by making bricks from waste.

In 2012 co-founder Tom van Soest at the Design Academy in Eindhoven invented a process for making bricks from construction, demolition and industrial waste. He experimented with different kinds of waste materials and found the correct balance of ceramics, tiles and glass. The result: the WasteBasedBrick, made from 60-100% recycled materials. The production process is affordable. “The waste bricks can be baked at a 200 à 300 degrees lower temperature, reducing the CO2- emissions of the production process considerably,” states Jasper Brommet, commercial director of StoneCycling. “Delft University of Technology is currently researching exactly how much CO2 we can actually save with this process.”

"It has to be beautiful"
The success of his company, according to Brommet, lies in the focus on a saleable product: “Architects and property developers first and foremost have to choose our bricks because they are beautiful.” Together with architects and the Limburg ceramics specialists, StoneCycling is working on new designs. The bricks get tasty and appropriate names, like caramel, salami, nougat, truffle and mushroom.

StoneCycling is a real pioneer. It is the first company that actually produces and uses bricks from waste materials. At the moment StoneCycling is finishing a number of pilot projects, where the technical aspects of new bricks are being thoroughly tested. Brommet hopes to be able to produce large-scale by 2016: “The demand for sustainable construction materials is huge.”

To meet that demand, StoneCycling needs a reliable flow of rubble. For recycling purposes, the different materials need to remain separated as much as possible. To do this StoneCycling will cooperate with SITA, one of the biggest waste collectors in the Netherlands. “SITA wants to stimulate demolition companies to supply sorted waste, so we can process those materials into bricks much easier,” says Brommet.

StoneCycling wants to change our thinking about construction materials, and, if possible, become a real game changer in making construction materials more sustainable. 


This item is a translation of the Dutch article Bakstenen-nougat uit bouwpuin published on Futureproof.

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