TuttiFoodi: preserve fresh ingredients naturally

TuttiFoodi delivers nature's best to all.
TuttiFoodi: preserve fresh ingredients naturally

TuttiFoodi developed a natural way to preserve fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and herbs, retaining all colour, taste, aroma and nutrients. This way, TuttiFoodi contributes to a more sustainable food chain: less waste and less hunger.

Unsustainable behaviour

We find it perplexing that an unhealthy lifestyle, food waste and hunger all coexist in this same world. Our food system is untenable. It is unmanageable for our planet: the food chain is responsible for 30% of CO2 emissions and an enormous loss of biodiversity. Hunger and lifestyle diseases, as well as unfair profit distribution in the food chain, makes that it's unsustainable for humans, too.

Food waste

Isn't it unbelievable: we waste 30% of our food when other people suffer from hunger? Yet, seen from a different perspective: what is the size of our potential if we are able to preserve food that will otherwise be wasted and release it – fresh and healthy – at a later time?

Preserving natural ingredients

At TuttiFoodi we believe that things can and have to change. We have discovered a unique method to preserve natural ingredients, retaining the food's freshness and qualities for future use. We aim to make our products available to everyone; in Western countries as well as in those places that have the most trouble finding food. In African countries, we can salvage thousands of tonnes of tomatoes, mango and leafy vegetables for human consumption. We can package complete combinations, add for example cassava, chicken or fish, and in doing so alleviate malnourishment.


We believe in a more sustainable and healthier food system, and want to make a difference in this plight. TuttiFoodi delivers nature’s best to all.

Do you want to join our mission to deliver nature's best to all? We are looking for dream partners to cooperate in a number of directions. Contact us!

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