EnergieRapide: an umbrella green energy system

Our EnergieRapide system combines energy sources to create an easy to assemble solution for use in rural communities, small towns and emergency situations.
EnergieRapide: an umbrella green energy system

Our custom EnergieRapide system combines various energy sources such as solar, wind, biogas, to create an easy to assemble solution for use in rural communities, trading centers, small towns and emergency situations.


A large number of people in Sub-Saharan Africa still lack access to affordable electricity. The initial costs required to connect to the grid or to off grid energy solutions remain high and prohibitive.  Many of the rural households have low power consumption (mainly using power for lighting a few bulbs, powering TVs, and charging mobile phones). Because of these low power consumption trends, a small micro grid can effectively serve several hundreds of such rural households, but this requires expensive distribution system, which makes the whole project not economically viable.


GreenWize is proposing an energy hub – EnergieRapide - that will need to have at least one anchor load who can consume at least 50% of the power from the microgrid. The primary consumer (anchor load) is proposed to be a value addition cottage industry that is relevant to each location where the energy hub is located.


EnergieRapide is an umbrella green energy system that provides power for lighting and household use, water purification, and have inbuilt refrigeration equipment to preserve fresh farm produce and also store vaccines. It can also be used in emergency situations. It can also be assembled in on a truck if the need is there, for easy transportation.

About GreenWize Energy

GreenWize Energy Limited is an innovative and fast growing for profit energy social enterprise based in Sub Saharan Africa. It was founded by Kenyan Engineers, Evans Wadongo and Edwin Keverenge. GreenWize Energy is incorporated in Kenya. GreenWize seeks to introduce innovative green energy products and solutions that beat competitors in the African market on originality, pricing, reliability in performance, ease of use, customization, and excellent support services. Get in touch with us!

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