NegaWatt: pro-active approach to Energy Efficiency in Africa

NegaWatt is East Africa’s leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with a branch in Kampala, Uganda.
NegaWatt: pro-active approach to Energy Efficiency in Africa

East and Sub-Saharan Africa have in recent times become a massive hub for conversations and development ideas behind Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. There is a huge opportunity for foreign investment and development to make a difference in masses that wasn’t possible before.

Energy Audits

NegaWatt Limited has performed approximately 300 Energy Audits in all types of industries. Along with the audits, we provide engineered solutions and recommendations on how to improve Energy Efficiency on all fronts. However, they have realized that very few companies are able to implement Energy Saving Measures nor Alternative Energy Sources due to lack of finance and funding in place. Even though most Energy Saving recommendations have a 1-5yr payback period, many companies lack the upfront capital to implement such cost saving or renewable energy projects.

Challenge (I): Low-cost financing

Low-Cost Financing is a challenge that all businesses struggle with in the region. Obtaining Low-Cost Financing and Funding for Energy Efficient projects is even more of challenge. By reducing the amount of energy through the implementation of quality Energy Efficient products, there is the possibility of having cash-flow positive projects. This is possible by introducing technologies that save a company more money on energy than it would cost to pay back a loan for the project. These models are successful elsewhere in the world but have yet to take off in East Africa as much as it should have by now.

Challenge (II): Lack of exotic technologies

Another challenge we find that adds to the inability to successfully implement real energy savings projects, is the lack of exotic technologies being brought into the market. Anyone who were to take a look around would see that almost every building is inefficient. It’s not about new buildings. It’s about taking care of those that already exist and here in East Africa there is an abundance of these. To another degree, using quality technologies that are meant to remain relevant for years to come are not always the least expensive, but cheap is expensive when looking at it from a sustainability perspective. Having access to low-cost financing or to funding will enable us to not only bring these types of quality technologies to market but implement them across a wide range of industries.


Put quality and exotic technologies with access to low-cost financing/funding together and it's clear that the potential is there. The timing is right. Every time energy costs increase, the rewards become even greater. A large and lasting opportunity exists and we need to grab it. Energy Efficiency becomes an energy source while also reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs and saving money.

The solution: Energy Performance Contracting

To enable expedited growth in the East African market when it comes to becoming more Energy Efficient, we seek to adapt a model that has been proven time and time again; Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). EPC is a form of ‘creative financing’ for capital improvement which allows funding energy upgrades from cost reductions. Under an EPC arrangement an external organisation (ESCO) implements a project to deliver energy efficiency, or a renewable energy project, and uses the stream of income from the cost savings, or the renewable energy produced, to repay the costs of the project, including the costs of the investment.

This solution brings a pro-active approach to Energy Efficiency and the participation of international companies, leaders, and entrepreneurs will lead to something that is bigger than anyone; Real Change.

Looking for partners

NegaWatt Limited seeks partners who have experience in this market. Further, we are seeking funding of up to USD $5 Million that would enable us to adapt and implement Energy Performance Contracting for Energy Efficient projects.

About NegaWatt Limited

NegaWatt is East Africa’s leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with a branch in Kampala, Uganda. Our services include Building Automation Systems, Energy Audits, Consultancy, Energy Efficient Products and Utilities Management. We help our clients to procure, install and commission genuine Energy Efficiency equipment and products. However, there are many factors that can improve the efficiency of a building without significant investment or research. That includes a more widespread use of integrated design practices, energy-use reduction strategies targeted to the specific needs in geographic regions, an increase in effective policies at all levels of government, and better operation and maintenance of existing building.

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