Pim Dekkers shapes bio-circular design and furniture

Preserving value of natural materials is very important to us. Never waste!
Pim Dekkers shapes bio-circular design and furniture

Cheap low-quality furniture is being brought to our furniture industry for a long time now. The use of cheap synthetics and toxic substances prohibit proper recycling of separate parts and materials. The recycling-grade is limited and the remainders often land in combustion chambers or under your golf track.

Never waste

What if we turned our thinking around? At Pim Dekkers, since 2015, we design following our Never Waste-principle and we take it beyond current circular thinking. Based on the latest development in the biotech industry, we develop products which always can be returned to semi-finished products. That we revalue our resources again and again. After all, they retain their value to an optimal level.

Bio-circular design

We call this bio-circular design. Our Paper Collection is the shining example. Made from old milk-packaging and paper, we found a way to construct a healthy interior-product. The natural fibres are in fact temporarily stored on a cabinet or dresser. Doesn’t nature give us the perfect example with regards to circularity? From paper to a product! Made in the Netherlands.


Our company aims to grow towards a full-service platform where furniture remains usable products. Where we keep track of valuable resources throughout life-cycles and the responsible processing of it. A blueprint for bio-circulatory for our coming generations.

Babysit our resources

Would you like to babysit our resources for a while? Join the revolution!

Our company aims to stay the front-runner in bio-circular furniture design. In the short run, the main focus is on creating additions to the product portfolio and finding the right sales partners for the B2B and B2C markets. We are always open to experienced partners, like investors, production facilities (NL) and sales agents. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested or want to know more.

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