PaperWise - Paper made from Agricultural Waste

PaperWise gives agricultural waste material a second life: environmentally friendly paper and cardboard.
PaperWise - Paper made from Agricultural Waste

Why incinerate agricultural waste when it can be processed into a perfect raw material for paper? PaperWise makes A-quality paper and cardboard from agricultural waste (leaves and stems) using 100% green energy. The ecological footprint is47% smaller than that of FSC wood fibre paper.

This is how PaperWise gives agricultural waste material a second life. The largest part of the range already consists of 100% agricultural waste, so the proportion of fibres from trees is replaced. By using agricultural waste material, optimal use is made of crops. Two products come from the same farmland: food and raw material for paper. The raw material is available faster than trees (forty times faster) and the yield per hectare is almost 1.5 times higher. What's more, the PaperWise production process is CO2 neutral.

Chain responsibility

PaperWise paper and cardboard are produced in factories in India and Colombia that are of great importance for the development of these local communities. Investments are made in education and health care and the manufacturing process is focused on safety, zero waste and preservation of ecology. PaperWise takes its supply chain responsibility very seriously and ensures that production follows international CSR guidelines and preferably even better.

Reducing Ecological Footprint

More and more companies want to reduce their carbon footprint and PaperWise contributes to this ambition. With PaperWise, companies need to compensate less CO₂ because of the lower environmental impact, which also reduces the cost of CO₂ compensation. Finished products made from PaperWise paper or cardboard need hardly be more expensive than current environmentally friendly types of paper and cardboard.

IMVO voucher

PaperWise used an IMVO voucher twice. Peter van Rosmalen: "With this voucher, we investigated whether our paper, which is made from agricultural waste by a trading partner in India, is biodegradable. The IMVO voucher is actually very simple. You have to do two things: tell us what you are going to do and then do it.

Read more about the IMVO vouchers here.
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