'Natural Branding'; Reducing the need for single-use plastic packaging for organic fruit & vegetables

To reduce the use of single-use plastic packaging for organic fruit & vegetables
'Natural Branding'; Reducing the need for single-use plastic packaging for organic fruit & vegetables

As the first in Europe, Nature & More has introduced Natural Branding on organic fruits and vegetables in order to saving a mountain of plastic. Find out more here. 

Who are we?

Eosta is based in Waddinxveen, the Netherlands. We import, export, pack and distribute fresh organic fruits and vegetables all over the world. More than 100 people work in our head office and warehouses in Waddinxveen and Venlo, from procurement and packing to sales, logistics and communications. We represent hundreds of organic, biodynamic and fair trade growers from six continents. Eosta sells business-to-business only. For business information about Eosta, check our corporate site: www.eosta.com.

What is the solution; Natural Branding ?
• It is a natural, ecofriendly manner of branding a piece of fruit or vegetable.
• It is a contactless method that is completely safe and totally natural.
• A high definition laser removes the pigment from the outer layer of the skin of the product.
• Does not have a negative effect on the taste, aroma or shelf-life of the product.

Why choose Natural Branded products ?
• Natural Branding means that products no longer need to be packed in plastic.
• Furthermore, you are helping to reduce the CO2 emissions as labelling and stickers are no longer necessary.
• Natural Branding and Organic Products are a perfect match as this natural technique not only reduces packaging but avoids ink, fluids, adhesive etc.

Organic products deserve a sustainable „packaging“ solution
At Eosta we firmly believe that sustainably farmed organic products should not be packed and if there is no other options then the packaging should be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Furthermore, numerous studies show that organic consumers are negative about plastic packaging in combination with organic fruits and vegetables. For many years we have been
innovating in the field of packaging and our journey has taken us from PLA – non oil based plastic to sugar cane material, special stickers, carton tray to natural branding.

We always work closely with our customers in order to find the optimal sustainable solution that takes into account product and packaging look and feel, shelf life, product visibility, price and communication.

For more information visit https://www.natureandmore.com/en/natural-branding

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