Moonen Packaging | From waste to resource

To work with manufacturers and farmers to set up a supply chain for the crop residue of sugarcane: bagasse.
Moonen Packaging | From waste to resource

In India, farmers work together in a cooperative environment to produce sugarcane. During processing the residual product, the fibres, are now being burned. The farmers are aware that they, in fact, are wasting these fibres because it could be used as raw material that can be transformed into a different type of products.

What we do: sustainable packaging

We, Moonen Packaging, amongst other products, sell sugarcane cups, coffee cups for which no trees need to be cut down. The coffee cups are made from residual waste generated by the extraction of cane sugar. The sugar cane cups, open the way for an entirely circular coffee cup concept: Stack-it. The ‘Stack-it-cups’ can be stacked easily, saving space in the waste bin and during transport. The used cups are collected and then processed into biogas and compost. This completes the cycle.

Our call: let's work together on better waste processes

Now we would like to invite the members of the INDUS forum to help these farmers to organise processing the waste into compostable products that can either be used in India our exported to countries like The Netherlands where we have demand for this kind of products. Especially establishing a collaboration with the farmers and a local party that can produce. 

It would be great if we could combine the next steps for our planet by improving the position of local producers in India.

Contact details

Moonen Packaging

p/a Oude Graaf 15

6002 NL Weert

CEO: Hans Houtappels 

Phone: 0031-651317875

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