Mahindra Waste to Energy Solutions Ltd. converts organic waste to biogas

Learn how MWTESL’s decentralized technology is able to organic waste to biogas on a daily basis.
Mahindra Waste to Energy Solutions Ltd. converts  organic waste to biogas


In order to establish a circular economy, one of the key factors to consider is how to convert by-products and waste of one sector so that it can be used by another sector. In the context of establishing successful Smart Cities in India, solutions that can convert (organic) waste to energy or other useful products is essential.


Mahindra Waste to Energy Solutions Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of M&M Ltd. is focused on converting organic waste to Biogas, a clean and environmentally-friendly fuel and organic manure. MWTESL’s technology successfully converts 10 tonnes of organic waste to energy daily to provide energy at the Mahindra World City (Smart City), Chennai.

MWTESL’s technology solution

We have a home-grown technology to convert food and other organic waste to biogas and organic manure. The solution is scalable to provide urban energy self-reliance to large metropolitan areas.

The technology presented by MWTESL is uniquely suited to addressing the issues of food waste and agri-residues in communities and cities. This technology can be run at a decentralized level and can be effectively utilized in a Smart City as an effective waste management solution.

Benefits of using biogas

Biogas is known as an environmentally-friendly energy source because it alleviates two major environmental problems simultaneously:

  • The global waste epidemic that releases dangerous levels of methane gas every day
  • The reliance on fossil fuel energy to meet global energy demand

Key benefits of the technology to the society:

  • This project can extend support to keep the city clean by disposing food and other organic waste in a scientific manner i.e., an anaerobic digestion technology.
  • Reduction of pollution;
  • Supports sustainability by reducing carbon foot print through usage of renewable energy;
  • Creating  employment through manpower required to manage the technology;
  • Organic NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium)-rich fertilizer will increase soil fertility and reduce soil degradation.

MWTESL product offerings:

  • Waste to Cooking Gas equivalent to LPG        
  • Waste to Vehicular Applications
  • Waste to Electricity Generation                        
  • Waste to City Compost

Unique Features of our Technology:

  • Two stage digesters with submersible agitation to improve digestion efficiency.
  • Gravitational feeding to minimize electricity consumption. Water sealing technology to avoid gas leakage.
  • Positive gas pressure eliminating vacuum pump.
  • Underground digester- lower variation in digester temperature.
  • Cost effective & Reliable High-Pressure compressor for bottling.
  • Result of collaboration with leading institutions -IIT Delhi and CLRI

Looking for collaborations

MWTESL is looking for partners who are interested in implementation of waste management technologies within the Smart City context in India. Several companies are taking numerous initiatives towards adopting sustainable practices and strategies could be adopters of this solution and can help in implementing the solution to optimal capacity.  This solution not only addresses waste management issues, but also contributes towards providing employment and establishing a circular economy.

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Contact person

Mr. Hitesh Kataria, Manager (Group Sustainability), Mahindra & Mahindra


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