Kriya Labs - a Green Technology to convert Biomass into Paper Pulp

Kriya Labs develops products and produces affordable, high-quality and eco-friendly value added products from waste natural materials/fibres.
Kriya Labs - a Green Technology to convert Biomass into Paper Pulp

Around 20 million tonnes of rice straw is burned every year in India, causing tremendous pollution. We have developed a technology to add value to this straw by converting it into pulp with our decentralised technology. The pulp can be utilized in making several high quality products, such as paper, tableware, cardboard, and bio Foam.

Creating new value

Kriya Labs is specialised in value addition and decentralisation. Our mission is to solve agro-waste burning in the states of Punjab and Harayana and Rajasthan. After the harvest season, Indian farmers are left with fields filled with crop residue. The collection of this agro-waste is a huge cost to the farmers and it seemingly has no commercial value, hence they end up burning it. This burning of agro-waste in the states of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan causes a blast of air pollution that we see in Delhi NCR, around the month of October each year.

Our Strategy

To solve this issue, our strategy is to assign a real economic value to the agricultural residue and make it an asset (additional source of income) for the farmers.

We have developed an economic and eco-friendly process of converting agro-waste into pulp, that is currently in the middle of the patenting process. In contrast to the traditional paper pulp making process, our process is completely circular and generate minimal waste.This process can be integrated in a small scale production unit (2 tons of agro-waste per day) sufficient for at least 200 acres of crop residue.

We have successfully proven our concept and tested the pulp quality in our labs at IIT Delhi. Next, we are setting up the process at the intended scale to so that it can be easily translated to the industries.

Focused on rural areas

We are currently targeting rural entrepreneurs that are looking for profitable ways of disposing the agro-waste and existing small scale paper producers that have access to locally generated agro-waste. We can facilitate the set-up of machinery and provide the required technical and operational training.

The pulp produced has various applications in the paper based industries for making products like board material and tableware. It can also be used as an ingredient for the production of foams or furniture. This all helps the farmers generate profits from their waste instead of burning it. Do you have questions, suggestions or comments? Feel free to contact us directly, or leave a comment below.
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