Kriti Geospatial Decision Support Platform

Provide organizations with a platform to get insight into their surroundings and become more sustainable.
Kriti Geospatial Decision Support Platform

Our Geospatial process re-engineering platform enables organizations to create geospatial data models and improve their efficiency by getting more insights into their surroundings. A good example of this is our water source project in the state of Telangana, India, next to many more!

About Kriti

We specialize in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tools to enrich location intelligence and help our users in making data-driven decisions. We customize data models to incorporate aspects of location in them, thus helping our users plan their conservation activities, monitor their implementation and assess their impact. We help organizations in re-engineering their existing processes to incorporate the dimension of location.

Depending on the use case we provide mobile, web and desktop GIS tools. These tools are developed using existing open source libraries to minimize cost and maximize scalability and interoperability.

We have been working on mapping forest areas and surface water bodies for the past 5-6 years, mapping around 4,80,000 square kilometres of ground to identify changes to water bodies and forests, and served around 4500 users from our inception through our platform. From this year we started working on water budgeting for farmers and FPOs (Food Producer Organizations).

We started as an app platform and then started providing data and capacity building services to our users. For the past four years, we started working with the local government on restoring 3,000 surface water bodies which are not holding water for at least one crop season. We have also worked with several not for profits in the region Western Ghats to provide them support through biodiversity SDI.

Irrigation sources in Telangana

Almost 85 per cent of the cultivated area in Telangana (State in India) is being rain fed, minor irrigation structures such as lakes are very crucial for sustainable agriculture of the region. Mission Kakatiya is an initiative by Telangana Government to restore minor irrigation sources of the region. Under this Mission, about 20,000 surface water bodies are renovated to hold more water in the last 5 years. Kriti was deployed with two main objectives:

  • To identify and assess the status of more than 40,000 surface water bodies using remote sensing and Machine learning;
  • To prioritize the rejuvenation works and monitor their progress using location-based data feeders.

By using satellite data to assess the status of the water body, we eliminated the need for field visits and thus increased the efficiency of the engineers. By automating the satellite data processing, we have improved the accuracy in assessing the water body information from 63% to 91%.


Geospatial Decision Support Platform

We started our journey by developing location-based mobile apps to capture data or do mapping. After interacting with some of our clients we have realized that capturing data from the field is a costly and challenging affair. Wherever possible we extract datasets from satellite and improve the operational efficiencies of our partners. This helps our partners to re-engineer their existing processes and evolve into hybrid models involving better location information at regular intervals. By delivering such model we have already helped the local Indian government to reduce time to map surface water bodies from 30 months to 4 months.

Our platform enables:

  • Rich spatial data visualization;
  • Data access from satellites and mobile apps;
  • Analytics;
  • Role-based access.

This can produce data like this:

Want to gather geographical information in your area?

Do you have ambitions to get to know more about your area better, so you can contribute to its retention? Or are you interested in collaborating with us on capacity building for Indian farmers and work with them on water budgeting? Get in contact with us.

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