Five companies turn 100% circular workwear into reality

Five companies turn 100% circular workwear into reality

Five European companies, that all represent a different phase in the textile recycle cyclus, have joined Wear2wear to make textile fabrics out of used workwear. They make new, 100% recyclable and PFC-free workwear from it.

The recyclable materials in the Wear2wear concept are part of the Inspire collection of the Swiss partner Schoeller Textil AG. The protective, Bluesign®-certified Inspire workwear for many applications are made of 100% polyester and feel like cotton. Due to the exclusive use of polyester fibers, the substances last long, which contributes to the conservation of raw materials.

Closed cycle

Depending on the purpose, the new substances meet the strict requirements for waterproofness, breathability, protection and comfort. Schoeller Textil AG, specially designed for the Inspirants, developed unique coatings completely free from PFC. According to the principle of the closed cycle, the Inspire substances are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle, which also requires significantly less water and energy for reprocessing than in the production of regular linear substances.

Five partner companies

The five European partner companies in Wear2wear cooperation together represent the entire chain. Heinrich Glaeser Nachfolger GmbH is a German fiber and yarn manufacturer and the 'recycler' in the circuit. The German Märkische Faser GmbH is a fiber producer and the 'upcycler'. The innovative Swiss company Schoeller Textil AG is responsible for the production of the Inspire fabrics. The climate-neutral and also 100% recyclable, PTFE and PFC-free membrane and recycled outer fabrics and liners are supplied by German Sympatex Technologies. Dutch DutchSpirit has since 2010 focused on offering circular clothing for the business market. The company is aware of the mission when it comes to strengthening sustainable clothing. DutchSpirit initiated the development of Inspire products and is the founder of the Wear2wear concept with Schoeller Textil AG.
Top of the market

Erik Toenhake, Director of DutchSpirit, is proud of this step in preserving the textile industry. "With Wear2wear, we provide full transparency across the chain, with recycling focusing on fibers from used to new fabrics, and not just reducing waste. These are exclusive fabrics for the top of the market, with a fully closed, transparent circle within Europe. If you value CSR, working conditions and employee well-being, then you must use the Inspire materials. "

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