Ecoacsa identifies potential for natural capital in Spain

Ecoacsa has developed Mercados de Medio Ambiente, an online platform
Ecoacsa identifies potential for natural capital in Spain

At Ecoacsa, we believe that an integration of nature and the environment into the economic decision-making process economy is crucial for the conservation of natural resources. To realize this, we have developed tools and a platform to share news and inspiration. Join us and stay updated on developments for natural capital in Spain and worldwide.

Linking the environment and the economy

Ecoacsa is a Spanish company that stimulates the protection of the environment and biodiversity within the economy through various activities. Achieving a sustainable business and maintaining that status over time is not a simple task. This requires the creation of short-term and long-term economic, environmental and social value, thus contributing to the increase of well-being and the genuine progress of present and future generations. To do this, Ecoacsa provides training packages tailored to the requirements of different stakeholders. We have selected key thematic areas such as natural capital, mainstreaming sustainable management of biodiversity into corporate strategies, carbon footprint calculation and offsetting and green marketing.

Practical tools

We help businesses to better understand their relation with nature through measuring, valuing and integrating their impacts on natural capital and incorporate these evaluations into their decision-making process. To this end, we have developed a range of tools to assess the environment and ecosystems, which allows us to recognize, measure, manage and reward the benefits that nature provides. With these tools, we give value to environmental services and resources, and therefore we are able to integrate them into a market economy. Our vision is to incorporate these tools as active elements of policy, nature conservation and sustainable development.

Platform Mercados de Medio Ambiente

To raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity for economy and society, Ecoacsa launched Mercados de Medio Ambiente, an online platform where companies, environmental stakeholders and the general public can stay updated on recent developments on natural capital. We publish news, reports, interviews, initiatives, case studies and information related to natural capital mainstreaming, biodiversity conservation, sustainability, climate change, land stewardship and environmental markets. Furthermore, we actively promote the use of market tools for environmental conservation, such as habitat banking, biodiversity offsets, payments for ecosystem services and land stewardship. 

Stay informed!

We believe that to accelerate natural capital in Spain, it is crucial to share new developments and information. We want to inform and inspire companies on the conservation of natural resources and achieve a sustainable future together. Our goal is to help companies to recognize risks and opportunities to be faced to involve them in the improvement of the environment. Thus, we invite all Spanish-speaker stakeholders to join our international platform. Learn more about the potential of natural capital in Spain and stay updated! 

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