Dungse - new-building materials created out of cow dung

Making companies circular by reinventing their products with our new cow-dung based composite- Dungse
Dungse - new-building materials created out of cow dung

Dungse is a collaboration between Studio Carbon and Studio Lindey Cafsia which have reinvented cow-dung by developed new composites with it that can be used as a base building materials for various applications.  With its versatile characteristics, Dungse can be applied in many ways to enhance everyday living. 


About a year ago Studio Carbon and Studio Lindey Cafsia collaborated to develop alternate materials that are in sync with nature. We set out on a journey to find existing materials and techniques in our Eastern and Western worlds. That is where we re-discovered an ancient multi-purpose material. Something we’d rather step over than look closer to its properties. Cow- droppings, or dung.

For generations, people in India are using cow-dung as an asset to enhance the quality of life in many ways. Mostly as fuel, insulation or construction material. On the other hand, the Netherlands has been struggling with the problem of a significant amount of excessive dung from its 2 million cows in the dairy industry. Investigating the attributes of this unusual material, led us to the discovery of  new we got excited when we identified all possibilities it could offer to a sustainable future.

We started deepening our learning of dung through visits to dairy farms, expert interviews and material experiments. After a year of explorations, we’ve created a range of sustainable and appealing Dungse material composites, each with unique characteristics for different applications.


You need to look, feel and smell our products to be able to imagine the possibilities that cow-dung provides. You will be amazed about the versatility of this material our product and your own creativity will be stimulated for new other applications. Some of the areas where the Dungse product range can be applied in is:

  • The construction industry 
  • Insulation ceiling and wall tiles
  • Sound absorbing  tiles
  • Insulating wall, ceiling and floor plasters 
  • Floor tiles 
  • The lifestyle goods and interiors industry
  • Compressed boards to make furniture 
  • Accessories for the house like lamps, vases, coasters 
  • Bird homes 
  • The sound industry 
  • Sound absorbing room panels 
  • Speaker enclosures 


We believe it is crucial to embrace nature in its entirety and reimagine possibilities that are

conducive to life for our future generations. If you’re a believer too, we should collaborate. You can contact us if you are looking: 

  • For sustainable material alternatives for your existing product range/ business 
  • For a solution for the excess dung produced by the Dutch dairy industry. To develop new ways to use dung other than for agriculture  
  • To support research to develop sustainable materials for the future 
  • For a sustainable material/ product idea to scale up 
  • To buy products that are built in tandem with nature


Dungse is a collaboration between Studio Carbon and Studio Lindey Cafsia which managed to develop new composites make a semi-finished product out of cow dung that can be used as a base material for various applications.

Studio Carbon is an Indian-Dutch studio that works at the intersection of design, systems thinking and storytelling to build solutions for an abundant and thriving future. Studio Carbon is founded by Itika Gupta.

Studio Lindey Cafsia is a Dutch studio using biomimicry and biophyllic design, to build a resilient future that is in sync with nature owned by industrial designer Lindey Cafsia.

Let’s make this shit happen! 

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