CropIn is providing a software platform to support sustainable sourcing and agri-culture.

CropIn is looking for Sustainable sourcing and agriculture projects
CropIn is providing a software platform to support sustainable sourcing and agri-culture.

Meet today’s agri-needs while strengthening resources for the future by creating a healthy environment, economic profitability, and social & economic equity for all. Empowering the agri in the agri-ecosystem by enabling businesses to benefit from actionable insights while empowering farmers through advisory & alerts.

While the farmer is the core of the entire agricultural operation, numerous other stakeholders are involved in the process of delivering food from farm to fork.

To cater to these other influential players in the system, CropIn designed  agriculture solutions, ‘SmartFarm’. SmartFarm is a robust and flexible farm management solution that incorporates end-to-end solutions for data-driven decision making for multiple stakeholders in the agri-ecosystem. Its real-time satellite- and weather-based advisory enables accurate output predictability for agribusinesses and other agricultural organizations, while making businesses and farm operations exceedingly efficient. Keeping track of processes involved pre- and post-harvest has never been easier, with SmartFarm’s traceability capabilities powered by smart crop reports & insights for easy reporting on-the-go. By recommending a customised package of practices for each crop, SmartFarm also ensures sustainable farming for a produce that is high is both quality and quantity, by using only the right inputs at the right time. More importantly, SmartFarm’s geo-tagging feature enables accurate measurement of farm acreage, and also helps to log alerts for pest infestation and diseases from the precise location. This not only helps to focus on only the area, but also saves a considerable amount of time otherwise spent on identifying the location and spread of the disease or infestation. CropIn’s SmartFarm also ensures adherence to global standards of Compliance & Certification for hassle-free export of fresh produce to international markets.

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