CESP Africa offers a range of ways to increase company's sustainability

CESP Africa has developed three durable paths for Kenyan companies to increase their sustainability - water & sanitation, energy, and construction.
CESP Africa offers a range of ways to increase company's sustainability

How do you, as an African company, find engineering solutions to your challenges that both meet international standards while being environmentally friendly, coupled with local expertise to make it a fit for your unique needs? CESP Africa, or Collaboration Engineering Solutions and Products aims to be the one to meet each of these criteria.

Collaboration Engineering Solutions and Products (CESP) is an engineering firm that offers sustainable and affordable green technology solutions in various sectors of the East African region which include; waste water treatment, water purification, specialized pumping systems and Bulk water storage of up to 3.6M liters. Through adoption of state of the art technologies and qualified staff on board, CESP has been able to deliver solutions to some challenging projects at competitive costs, within budget and desired quality.

Replicable, high-quality sustainable engineering solutions. 

We have developed a suite of engineering solutions that we've  have been able to replicate in other countries, our aim being to serve the entirety of the African continent. Our solutions address the water, energy and construction sectors, among other things. Our engineering capacity spans to include structural, civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, along with architectural designsm innovation and research.

Leveraging equatorial sunshine, with powerful results

Given Kenya’s location along the equator, CESP naturally places a strong focus on effectively leveraging the abundant sunshine, enabling them to offer alternative lighting, power and solar water heating solutions. Residential, commercial and institutional customers can all be served by CESP. We actively seek to make a wider audience aware of the benefits of choosing this renewable energy source. 


360-degree water solutions

CESP’s water division is a comprehensive resource, with 5 subdivisions enabling a 360-degree solution offering in this sector. These include wastewater treatment systems, portable water treatment systems, water storage systems, water pumping systems, water quality and control systems. This enables us to meet the needs of residential, industrial and institutional clients. Via incorporation of green themes into these systems, clients can accrue green accreditation points while reducing costs. We are a full spectrum provider in this regard, selling, installing and servicing wastewater treatment systems. 

Engineering as the foundation

Engineering and design are at the core of CESP’s focus, giving it a solid foundation backed up by proper engineering facts. In doing so, solutions provided are of high integrity and innovation. 

How can we help meet your goals? We look forward to exploring how!

For further information, please visit www.cespafrica.com

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