Bio4Pack's sustainable packaging: Good for the environment, good for the society and good for the packaging industry

Making the packaging industry sustainable
Bio4Pack's sustainable packaging: Good for the environment, good for the society and good for the packaging industry

Bio4Pack has a new line of packaging based on waste from rice plantations. These packages are not only good for the environment, but also contribute to the prosperity of rice farmers in Asia. The packaging industry needs to become less dependent on disposable products and should offer consumers an easy and improved circular solution.


Dutch supermarkets have agreed that in 2025 there will be 20% less packaging material in the supermarket. This is an important step to reduce packaging material and make, for fragile products like fruits and vegetables, packaging material more sustainable. Bio4Pack can give the circular packaging solution to large retailers, like supermarkets. Bio4Pack is the specialist in the field of compostable, sustainable packaging. The sustainability of the packaging is not only because the raw material is renewable, but also to the fact that rice waste is normally incinerated, with all its negative environmental effects. Think hereby not only about air pollution, but also of the effect of the fires for the groundwater level. Burning less rice waste means ultimately less irrigation, which saves a lot of valuable water.


The development and production of the new packaging line is a new source of income for rice farmers in Asia. Their income will increase with 1/7th because the farmers will have a contribution for the waste that would otherwise be burned. In addition, new jobs have been created in the transport sector and in the local factory. The spin-off of these new products goes much further than just environmental benefits; the standard of living of a large group of people is substantially improved.

Packaging industry

In the current packaging industry, many waste is generated. Especially big retailers, for example supermarkets and fruit and vegetable packers, are selling many products with non-sustainable packaging and can be seen as of the largest suppliers of waste. Because of this, they have many powers to steer the market. They can make demands on products. However, to reduce the waste of packaging, only the reduction of plastic packages is not enough. Also, innovation will be necessary for a sustainable packaging industry in the future. This because it is not always possible to leave out packaging for many products, they also have a purpose, to prevent food from being damaged or spoiled. The packaging line of Bio4Pack is perfect for replacing the non-sustainable packaging in, for example the food industry. The complete line of packages is suitable as a packaging for various types of vegetables and fruit. The transition to packaging made from renewable raw materials can generally be realized without many problems and adjustment. When you are a big retailer and interested in a smooth transition, Bio4Pack is the right company to assist you.

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