Alpha Solutions: Separating elements on an atomic level

ANC Plasma can separate elements on a molecular level.
Alpha Solutions: Separating elements on an atomic level

Alpha Solutions has developed an innovative cold plasma technology: the ACN PLASMA-technology. 

With this technology, gaseous, fluid and solid materials can be treated. For example, the purification of exhaust gasses, water, soil, mines of (precious) metals and minerals, without the use of chemicals. We place two or more electrodes and between these, we place our plasma signal. For example, wastewater from hospitals is rinsed, chemicals are eliminated and can be resold to pharmaceutical companies in pure form.

New arrangement of atoms

ANC-PLASMA makes it possible to separate elements (individual atoms) on a molecular level and be able to convert them with addition of other atoms to new elements.  Our technique opens a division of applications that have never before been used worldwide. Every environmental problem mentioned in the sustainability conferences in Paris and Bonn can largely be solved with the use of our technology. For the complete overview of applications of this unique technology, visit our website

Low energy use

Also, the technology, how αlpha Solutions creates the ANC PLASMA is unique. It is not produced with a high voltage and a lot of electricity, but without high voltage and extremely low energy use. A few solar panels are sometimes all that is needed. We are getting a patent for this technology.

Conventional technologies are working with an efficacy of 75% and have an energy balance of 50/50. Our ANC Plasma has 99.99% efficacy with an energy balance of about 25/75, and is, compared to conventional technologies, extremely energy-efficient. Through a unique combination of currently available state of the art products, we build a laboratory model and we have a proof of concept.

Our solution for housing corporations

Housing corporations are forced by governments to provide energy neutral housing by 2020. In the Netherlands, there are about 4.4 million heating boilers.

We make ammonia gas from water (H2O) and air (78% N). With ammonia gas, heating boilers and gas stoves can function without any adaptation to the existing installation and infrastructure of the house.

This market could be about 400.000 pieces per year.  We calculated that with mass production the cost price of our unit will be about €5000, including profit and general costs, the selling price will be €6000. The investment will be recovered in five years with an average use per house of €1.200 per year.

The clients could be:

  • social housing corporations
  • private house owners
  • public energy users
  • producers of heat boilers
  • rental companies
  • house renters
  • electricity plants
  • electronics and chip industry
  • car industry (diesel and gasoline), shipyard industry, airline industry

Our technique is that renewed and energy saving, we do not think we have any competition at this moment. We profit from this first movers advantage. 

About Alpha Solutions

With private capital from shareholders, Alpha Solutions has developed an extraordinary innovative cold plasma technology: the ANC PLASMA-technology.  Our current team includes electrotechnical engineer and CEO Adriaan Koene and physical scientist Bart Lenselink. We want to take care of the earth. Therefore, our technology is developed to retrieve valuable resources, but also to eliminate polluting substances. This is how we make chains 100% circular. 

Contact us

Did you became interested in our technology or do you have any questions or suggestions? We like to hear from you! Match us with your challenge, leave a reaction or directly get in touch with us through the profile of Adriaan Koene.

Additionally, we are looking for investors to collect the capital for starting the production of the technology and to potentially reach out to young and enthousiastic employees to expand our business and transfer our knowledge!

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