Natural bag makes 100% sustainable plastic/paper bags from agri-waste and corn starch

Natural Bag gives agri-waste a high quality second life and we save forests by not cutting them down for paper.
Natural bag makes 100% sustainable plastic/paper bags from agri-waste and corn starch

Our dream that in the future all plastic bags will be replaced by compostable and biodegradable bags and that we do not harm forests for paper bags anymore. We only offer truly sustainable bags! Our tree-free paper bags are made of agri-waste. Our bioplastic bags are made from corn starch. All our bags are 100% biodegradable.

Natural Bag

Natural Bag is specialized in the delivery of 100% biodegradable bags made from bioplastics, tree-free PaperWise paper, jute, Juco and organic cotton. We always strive to come up with the most durable and responsible solution in terms of materials used and production methods.

Why should you go for TREE-FREE paper PaperWise bags from Natural Bag?

  • We use residual material from the agri-sector as a raw material for high-quality paper: annual supply guaranteed!;
  • Environmental impact: 47% lower compared to FSC paper from wood fibers;

  • Environmental impact: 29% lower compared to recycled paper from wood fibers;

  • Reduced logging in forests;
  • Our bags are produced using 100% green energy - CO2 neutral;
  • The bags meet the highest quality standards: just as good to print as traditional wood-fiber paper (see product information file below for details);
  • Up to 7x recyclable;
  • Most responsible paper bag in the Netherlands!

Why should you go for our bioplastic bags?

  • Annual biomass (maize starch: not consumable); no depletion of raw material;
  • EN 13432 certified - 100% natural and compostable (see product information file below for details);
  • High-quality printing;
  • Just as strong as regular plastic;
  • Energy-efficient production process;
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions - and CO2-neutral raw material use!

Get involved! 

Are you interested in our products, or do you have questions/suggestions? We would love to hear from you! We will offer you expert advice, options for costumization and quick processing of orders. This is your way to contribute to the circular economy!

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