Natural Coalition Hub: the go-to place for inspiration and information

The Hub contains everything that’s currently going on in the world of Natural Capital. From case studies and resources to the latest news and events and cutting edge research.
Natural Coalition Hub: the go-to place for inspiration and information

Conserving and enhancing natural capital is a growing need for futureproof business, which has been well documented. But how can organizations and business take action? The Natural Capital Coalition Hub supports business by proving a comprehensive view on tools, research and inspiration in the natural capital landscape.

How the Hub helps business

The Natural Capital Hub is a collection of online available content varying from case studies and recourses to the latest news and events about natural capital. The Hub helps you keep up to date with developments and find out how other organizations are using the Natural Capital Protocol and sector guidelines to take control and reduce their environmental impact. You can access the database easily by filtering your own preferences and company needs.

About Natural Capital Coalition

The Natural Capital Hub has been developed by the Natural Capital Coalition. As a global multi-stakeholder collaboration, the Coalition brings together many hundreds of leading global initiatives and organizations to harmonize approaches to natural capital assessment and valuation in business.

We know that we are depleting natural resources faster than the earth can replenish them and that our rate of consumption is accelerating. Individual organizations can’t solve these systemic problems alone.By sharing knowledge and bringing together organizations from across the global economy, The 270+ organizations that make up the Coalition work together on a common vision of a world that conserves and enhances natural capital.

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