Sustainable impact abroad

What is the natural capital that your business is affecting?
Sustainable impact abroad

It is important to know what and where your business is impacting on natural capital. You probably think of the impact of your production or services on the local natural environment. But through your supply chain, your impact could be much larger in far away countries.

A first step is to consider the direct effects on natural capital of your production or services. You can read here what steps you can take to turn this into a positive contribution.

Across borders

But it is likely that there are more links in your value chain. Chances are high that some of your products, semi-finished products, or raw materials come from abroad. And those are often countries where nature legislation is less strict than in Europe. Think, for example, of the large-scale deforestation of tropical rainforests for the animal feed and palm oil that we import. Or the pollution caused by metal and mineral mines for the components of our electronics. Taking care not to decrease the value of natural capital in the global South is part of your supply chain responsibility.

Do you need some more insight into the risks related to natural capital in a specific country? Then fill out the CSR Risk Checker and pay special attention to the risks classified as ‘environmental’. In the report, recommendations are given on how to reduce those risks. Do you want to contribute to improving natural capital in the country of your value chain partner, but do you encounter difficulties? Get help from this community by creating a concrete challenge.
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