Plastic Pact NL: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Plastic Pact NL
Plastic Pact NL: Terms and Conditions

Over the past fifty years, the use of plastics has grown enormously. Partly due to its versatile use, the worldwide application has increased twentyfold. But the use of plastic also has a downside. That is why the government, leading companies and other organizations are now joining forces and signing The Plastic Pact NL.

We invite companies and other organizations to participate in the Plastic Pact NL. Do you want to participate? Then you agree with the conditions set out in Article 16 paragraph 3 Plastic Pact NL:

Terms and Conditions

The steering committee as referred to in Article 10 shall approve the entry of new parties within one month of receipt on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The new organisation endorses the general objectives and activities of as described in Articles 1 to 7 Plastic Pact NL;
  • The new party demonstrably contributes in its own objectives and activities as described in the submitted form to the achievement of the common objectives as set out in Article 1 of Plastic Pact NL.
  • The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment did not express any legitimate doubt about the integrity of the acceding party.
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