Online Test Waste or Resource: rubbish or not?

Online Test Waste or Resource: rubbish or not?

If you are unsure whether something is waste or still suitable as new material. You can use a new tool to take away that doubt: The Online test 'Waste or Resource'. The test 'Waste or Resource' is meant for companies to provide a self- assessment to determine if something is waste or potentially suitable for reuse.

Do It Yourself

The online test is a tool for companies and not legally binding. The online test is only suitable for use within the Netherlands. Because the rating is based on Dutch laws and regulations.
Practical information about the online test :

  • The test can only be used after creating an account.
  • Completed reviews can be stored temporarily and will be completed, modified and deleted by the owner.

More certainty about waste

Have you performed a review with the test and reviewed your material ? But still have doubts about the accuracy of the outcome ? Then you can use the online test to ask Rijkswaterstaat for a legal opinion on the performed assessment .

Such a request can be submitted with the online test 'Waste or resource’ by:

  • the producer of the materials which would put it in the market as a by-product, or
  • a company that wants to put the material on the market after completing a useful process with it, or
  • an authorized representative of the manufacturer or the company.
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