Measure and value your impacts and dependencies on nature with the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit

Businesses who want to work more efficiently and sustainably can use the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit to find the right tool for their business to measure and value natural capital.
Measure and value your impacts and dependencies on nature with the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit

Becoming more efficient and taking a long term approach to your impact and dependencies on nature may be daunting but there are tools to support business in this journey. To help you find the right tool for your business, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development together with Natural Capital Coalition has developed the Natural Capital Toolkit.

What is the Toolkit?

The Toolkit is an interactive database that helps businesses find the right tool to measure and value natural capital as they use the Natural Capital Protocol. A tool can be any resource, methodology or approach that is relevant to natural capital measurement and valuation. If your business is working with any kind of natural resources the Toolkit will be the one stop shop for tools helping measuring and valuating the impact of your activities and how to operate more sustainably. Tool selection varies on business context, resources and needs. The Toolkit will complement and facilitate business uptake of the Protocol by consolidating the wealth of tools available for natural capital measurement and valuation, and mapping them against the Protocol framework.

Learn about new tools that can drive better decision-making

The Toolkit is a brand new resource that will help companies implement the Natural Capital Protocol, the first-ever standardized framework for measuring business impacts and dependencies on nature. The Natural Capital Protocol does not recommend specific tools or methodologies. The toolkit aims to fill that gap. The Protocol and Toolkit will help businesses address natural capital depletion by improving understanding, measurement and decision-making.

About the Toolkit

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has developed the Toolkit, with the Natural Capital Coalition as a strategic partner. We have had critical input from a multi-disciplinary Advisory Group.
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