Initial and Made Blue Foundation collaborate for clean drinking water in developing countries

Initial and Made Blue collaborate on the realization of and consciousness about clean drinking water in developing countries.
Initial and Made Blue Foundation collaborate for clean drinking water in developing countries

Initial and Made Blue work together for clean drinking water in developing countries. With this collaboration, we want to increase the consciousness considering clean drinking water in the world. The water savings of 22,900,000 liters realized by Initial will be made available as clean drinking water for developing countries.

Clean drinking water shortage

Worldwide 2.7 billion people live with a shortage of clean drinking water. This is why Made Blue started in 2014 with clean drinking water projects. On behalf of a group of 50 cooperations in the Netherlands and Belgium already more then 2 billion liters of clean drinking water has been realized. 

Water as an important resource

Water is core business of Initial. In every product or service from Initial water is essential. Pushing back water use is an important ambition within our sustainability policy. Next to the continuing implementation of measures for water saving during washing processes, Initial introduced an innovative washing process in 2016 with liquid CO2 .  In 2016 Initial saved 22.9 million liters of clean drinking water. Through a collaboration with Made Blue, this amount is made available for people in developing countries and over 3000 people are provided with clean drinking water for a year. 

Provide a positive impact

We are one of the biggest textile services in the world. Within our sustainability vision, we find it important to provide a positive impact for the society. The application of environmentally friendly and water saving washing processes is a great example of this, also the provision of clean drinking water lies completely within our vision. Made Blue is a partner that ultimately supports us in this field. 

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