Student challenge: design the ultimate urban greenhouse

The WUR has launched a challenge for students to design "the ultimate greenhouse"
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Student challenge: design the ultimate urban greenhouse

The explosion in urban growth presents opportunities as well as challenges to our environment and our food systems. Many cities start looking for ways to feed themselves sustainably. To support this development and contribute to a sustainable future, Wageningen University & Research organizes a Student Challenge to Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse.

The Challenge

Submit an urban greenhouse design which brings (professional) food production into urban neighbourhoods, connects it with local energy systems, contributes to a circular city and encourages citizens to engage with sustainable production and consume healthy food. Your entry will be assessed on topics such as: renewable energy; citizen inclusion; contribution to the circular city (e.g. recovery of phosphate, water, nutrients); ICT use; business models and of course greenhouse design and plant production systems.

Who can join?

  • Student teams from all around the world, and teams may comprise students from different universities and universities of applied sciences.
  • Bachelor, Master and PhD students, from universities and universities of applied sciences around the world. 
  • Max. 20% of your team may consist of members that were registered as a student until at least 1 September 2016.
  • We encourage teams with members from different universities and universities of applied sciences.

Why join?

The Challenge is an exciting and competitive way for students to work on a real-life case, contribute to a sustainable future and showcase their talent to the world. Moreover, they will have to closely work together in multidisciplinary teams and develop their entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills. It’s an effective way to build their cv and get in touch with future employers. 

Join and share your design!

Read the full project description for detailed information on what to submit and when. Registration is possibly through this link. Please note: teams can pre-register between 1 and 31 October 2017. The final registration date is 30 November 2017. We recommend you to apply as soon as possible to increase your chance to join!

For more information, see our website and LinkedIn group, or contact Rio Pals, coordinator of the Student Challenge, via

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