SOFEA seeks stakeholders to improve sustainability of office supplies

SOFEA works with resellers and manufacturers to improve sustainable production of office supplies and is looking for stakeholders to join co-financed programme.
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SOFEA seeks stakeholders to improve sustainability of office supplies

Sustainable Office European Association is the first European association for the office supply industry. We are working with resellers and manufacturers on a unique environmental product assessment rating system. Office products are measured on environmental, social and health & safety aspects.

Assessment of products

SOFEA is unique and the only scheme that brings all existing practices, labels, standards under one denominator. With a maximum of 38 indicators the office products are assessed on product, manufacturing and corporate level. Once the third party service provider has validated the data and evidences, the total score is then linked to an A-E product rating.

Transparency on environmental impact

SOFEA started with the industry players creating the so-called ‘product scorecards’ for the product families ‘Notebooks, Filings and Writing Instruments’. For each of the product group the scorecard is unique. These scorecards are translated into an online questionnaire that provides clear inside in the environmental impact of the product and it shows easily which aspects deserves improvement or should be maintained.

Creation of one knowledge center

With the introduction of the SOFEA Assessment Scheme (SAS) we are encouraging the industry to make the information stream efficient and easy to access by consolidating the information into one knowledge center. This year we are going LIVE and our members will be starting to either input product data or use the system for extracting information. In this way, the product measurement and messaging is kept consistent regardless the number of labels the product carries.

Measuring impact of SAS 

We will be creating more scorecards and we would like to understand whether these scorecards brings more sustainable insights within the purchasing units of organisations. We would to measure the impact of the SAS on purchasing behavior and how the assessment could evolve to become a tool to a greater extent of industries.  

European Commission

We are building a bridge with the European Commission by enrolling the assessment in the European Subsidy programme called: NSR Interreg. This programme promotes the development and adoption of products, services and processes to accelerate greening of the North Sea Region economy. And provides transparency in, and herewith reduce the environmental impact of, office supplies and stimulating environmental beneficial public and private procurement of office supplies & products.

Our challenge:

We are looking for interested stakeholders to join this co-financed subsidy programme with SOFEA and include what you would like to learn for your organization. If you would like to receive more information please send an email to
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