Mahan Ltd. is looking for financial support to build ecological water purification facilities

Mahan Ltd. wants to upscale their ecological water purification facility to bring clean water into the Tirrupur area and seeks investors:
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Mahan Ltd. is looking for financial support to build ecological water purification facilities

In Tiruppur, India, hundreds of dyeing companies use 26 million gallon clean water daily. Based in the region we have developed an ecological water purification facility and reduced our impact on the environment. We aim to upscale these efforts and are looking for investors to join our efforts.

Clean water spill

Mahan Ltd. is a dyeing company in Tiruppur, India. This is an area with hundreds of dyeing companies. Together we use over 26 M gallon of water each day. The used and - in general - contaminated water has a negative environmental impact. The water usage also creates a shortage causing farmers to leave their lands. In 2010 Mahan Ltd. therefor decided to develop an ecological water purification facility.

Creating impact - a circular facility

This facility has the capacity to purify 260K gallons a day. The installation also breaks down the paint in the water. The residual material is being mixed with clay and dried to bricks. The community can collect these bricks for their own use, free of charge, thus creating a circular process. This has improved the impact by Mahan Ltd. The other ±300 dyeing companies still use clean water.

Upscaling clean water solutions

Mahan aims to lower the negative environmental impact by purifying all the used water from the dyeing companies. We also want to create a positive impact for farmers by delivering purified water to farms. And generate access to clean water, in addition to a fair living wage and education for local workers. This requires the development of another 104 water purifying facilities. Each facility can be build next to a contaminated area or in an area with a high concentration of dyeing companies. The cost of each facility will be approximately €2,6 million, this includes solar panels, trucks or pipelines to deliver the water and water storage devices.

The challenge: investors for water purification facilities

Mahan believes the development of water purification facilities will not only improve environmental circumstances but also enhance the livelihood of the local workers and yields of farmers. Therefor the water purification facilities will have a clear positive impact.

We are actively looking for investors in Tiruppur water purification facilities. We invite specifically:

- companies and investors who, together with us, will tackle Tiruppur’s contamination and water scarcity.

- textile dyeing companies interested in ecological purification to achieve environmental improvements and water reduction.

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