KLARO ecosystems searches a medium to large size sewage treatment plant (STP) manufacturer

KLARO Ecosystems is looking for a sewage treatment plant to facilitate Kenyan urban development:
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KLARO ecosystems searches a medium to large size sewage treatment plant (STP) manufacturer

KLARO Ecosystems is Kenya's leading provider of onsite sewage treatment and recycling systems. We are looking for a medium to large size sewage treatment plant manufacturer to develop onsite wastewater management solutions for the growing urban communities.


KLARO aims to be the leading provider of sustainable and environment friendly wastewater treatment solutions. We pride ourselves in offering personalized services and products to our customers, listening to their needs and taking care of everything from design, installation to operation and maintenance. In collaboration with our global partners and through continuous research and development we are able to provide fully biological sewage treatment and recycling systems that are reliable and of high quality.

Sustainable sewage treatment

The growth of the Kenyan urban dwelling is predominantly in the outskirts of the capital city. In these areas the municipal sewer line infrastructure is largely unavailable. Real estate and private property developers are hence compelled to seek onsite wastewater management solutions that range from simple solutions such as the conventional septic tank systems to the use of more advanced technologies.

Through our current partner we are able to competitively provide solutions for small treatment plants of up to 1500 PE. Beyond this capacity the system costing becomes prohibitive.

Real estate projects are getting larger by the day requiring treatment plants of 2000PE and over.  Having a partner with experience in offering suitable technology; either SBR or MBBR, would enhance our capacity in providing Sewage Treatment Solutions to the wider market.

Collaboration leads:

Do you have a lead for sustainable and environmental friendly sewage treatment technologies? Please match with us on the community, leave a reply or contact us directly.

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