Iron Roots seeks partners to upcycle plastic sportswear

We are looking for partners to help us set up a reverse supply chain to upcycle plastic sportswear.
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Iron Roots seeks partners to upcycle plastic sportswear

Iron Roots aims to remove plastics from the clothing industry. In order to reach this goal we are looking for partners that can help us set up a reverse supply chain in which we upcycle the plastic sportswear that is currently on the market.

Transitioning to a plastic free textile industry

Iron Roots is a natural athletic apparel company that produces sportswear which are 100% free of microplastics. Over 90% of all sportswear contains plastics. In order to make the transition towards a more biobased industry, we would like to:

  1. Create awareness of plastics in clothing industry
  2. Set up a supply chain to collect plastic sportswear and take them out of circulation
  3. Upcycling of the plastic sportswear

Campaigning to collect sportswear

In the past year we’ve received multiple questions from customers if they could send us their old plastic sportswear to be recycled. Up till then we’ve never considered this to be our responsibility. In a brainstorm with our customers came forward this topic could be an opportunity to spread the message of microplastics and lower the barrier for change towards biobased sportswear.

Collect and upcycle textiles containing plastics

The idea is to collect old plastic sportswear from people all over the Netherlands and upcycle these into new products that don’t release microplastics (e.g. pilons, waterbottles etc.).

In return we could give people vouchers for our natural sportswear, or for the upcycled plastic items.

While we have a good view on how to run a marketing campaign like this, we are not specialized in recycling plastic, so we are looking for partners that can help researching the possibilities and implementing the reverse supply chain.

We already have contact with some potential stakeholders like the municipality of The Hague, but we are still in the research phase of this project. Currently we are looking for different stakeholders that could help in this whole reverse supply chain. This process includes:

  • Textile collection
  • Textile separation
  • (chemical) recycling
  • Product design
  • Production of upcycled items

If you are interested to join our mission or know organizations we should not forget to contact, please let us know.

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