Help Monopoly Innovations with the energy transition to biofuels

To find business/technology partners to help increase the use of biofuels throughout India.
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Help Monopoly Innovations with the energy transition to biofuels


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and due to rising crude oil prices, the government has implemented the National Biofuel Policy 2018 to reduce the import dependency in the oil & gas sector. Biofuels have to become part of India’s energy mix. How can Monopoly Innovations expand business?

About Monopoly Innovations

Monopoly Innovations Private Limited is a company based in Mumbai, India and is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Vegetable Oils and related products, Methyl Esters, Biodiesel and Specialty Chemicals. Our vision is to become India’s greatest vegetable oil company with innovative products.

National Biofuel Policy 2018

The National Biofuel Policy 2018 promotes investment, funding and support of biofuel production from various biomass sources including (but not limited to) agricultural residues, vegetable oils etc. This national biofuel policy offers a chance for India to give value to agri-waste issues and reduce air pollution.

Presenting Monopoly Innovations biofuel manufacturing technology:

One of the key focus areas of Monopoly Innovations is the production of biodiesel from vegetable oil and other sources. This biodiesel is beneficial as it:

  • Has zero carbon dioxide emission;
  • Has zero sulfur oxide production;
  • Can either be blended with traditional fossil fuels in engines or can be used independently;
  • Leads to a measurable reduction in other transport pollutants.

The biodiesel is safe to handle, utilize and transport and can be used in a wide variety of engines. Currently, Monopoly Innovations Private Limited produces 100 Metric Tonnes daily and is working on expanding its capacity.

Looking for partnerships

Monopoly Innovations would be happy to handhold or support the transition from using fossil fuels (petrol and diesel) to biofuels in the transportation sector and to fuel power back-ups. The ideal way to move forward is to not only enhance our own capabilities and market presence, but also to align ourselves with the policies of the Indian Government.

With the release of the National Biofuel Policy 2018 by the Government of India, Monopoly Innovations is looking for collaborations with technology partners and like-minded business organizations to increase the uptake of bio-diesel in India. Anyone who operates in the technology space or business organizations that are interested in biofuels are invited to reach out!

Contact person

Please note that for this item the contact person is not the owner of the item. For further discussion please contact Mr. Neil Ketan Karan, CEO, Monopoly Innovations Private Limited.


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