Dutch Textile Consortium is looking for Indian partners

A Dutch Textile Consortium sees a great opportunity to offer a responsible, circular and transparent textile product at an affordable price level on the European markets.
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Dutch Textile Consortium is looking for Indian partners

A Dutch Textile Consortium sees a great opportunity to offer a responsible, circular and transparent textile product at an affordable price level on the European markets. Their market research and assessments show great potential for this. The consortium has good access to the European workwear and fashion markets.

They would like to closely cooperate with local Indian partners, like sorters, thread spinners, fabric makers, knitting, weaving and dying companies, producers and investors who are interested in circular business models. All are cordially invited to join.

The Consortium and platform

The Dutch Textile Consortium consists of local fashion brands, parties in local waste management and specialists in circularity, logistics and CSR produced bio cotton. In close cooperation with CSR Netherlands and supported by the Dutch government, they aim to form a Dutch – Indian platform of relevant parties to realize the circular concept. 

The Concept and product

The concept is twofold. For the products, circularly produced yarns are made use of from pre-consumer as well as post-consumer waste from European and Indian sources. Due to pioneering innovation in the process, circularly produced yarns will soon have a more than competitive quality and price level. This is the basis to successfully enter the mainstream European markets. On top of that, production will take place in India under distinctive CSR/RB conditions in all parts of the supply chain process. From sorting, shredding, to spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and final production. Potential consortium parties play a crucial role to fulfill this ambition.

The Indian partners

The consortium invites all Indian parties who strongly believe in the following starting points:

  • Longterm partnerships throughout the full supply chain as a winning combination to successfully enter the European consumer markets.
  • Long-term relation driven partnership instead of short-term deal driven contacts.
  • The circular business model is the winning concept in the mid and long-term, from an environmental as well as economic point of view.

Investing in CSR and circularity now is investing in sustainable success for the mid- and longterm future.

Willing to invest step by step and proactively in improving local CSR / RB conditions, with a positive payoff in productivity and product prices.


We are looking for the following partners:

  • Investors
  • Textile engineers
  • Textile waste collectors
  • Sorters
  • Fabric-makers
  • Spinneries
  • Producers
  • Transporters
  • Retailers
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kees van de klundert
kees van de klundert

Ondersteun volledig de reactie van Maarten van IndiaConnect. Als jullie zoeken naar betrouwbaar advies in India dan is IndiaConnect een goede partner. Zelf ben al jarenlang met India verbonden door Indian Dutch Education Agency, I.D.E.A. (www.ideadutch.com), heb daarbij ook regelmatig contact gehad met mensen in deze organisatie. Er is ook op Linked in een en ander over mij te vinden. Misschien kunnen we elkaar vinden ook vanuit onderwijs perspectief.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Kees van de Klundert.

14 February 2018 06:20
Sreeranga Rajan
Sreeranga Rajan

Hi, we are producers of high quality sustainability textiles/fashion products as well as manufacturer of paper products made from 100% recycled cotton waste. We are very interested to partner. Let me know the next steps.

15 January 2018 13:46
Maarten van der Schaaf
Maarten van der Schaaf

Beste Suzan,

Wij kunnen hier zeker bij helpen. We hebben een uitstekend netwerk in india - ook in textiel - en weten vooral ook wat erbij komt kijken om een langdurig partnership op te zetten met Indiase partners. Te vaak zien we dit fout gaan omdat partijen relatief slecht voorbereid en soms ronduit naïef te werk gaan. We helpen jullie graag om van dit project een succes te maken.
Maarten van der Schaaf

19 December 2017 22:15
Han Faber
Han Faber

Dag Suzan,

Kun je meer informatie geven over de gewenste rol van de retailer in dit proces en over het product.

Met vriendelijke groet
Han Faber | LIVStores | Zippworks

03 December 2017 15:32