CloudCuddle is looking for a production partner for medical textile

We are looking for production partners for our CloudCuddle in India or Sri Lanka
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CloudCuddle is looking for a production partner for medical textile

Are you a producer of sustainable cotton or polyester in India? Then we are looking for you! CloudCuddle designs bed tents for handicapped children in Europe. As demand is increasing, we are looking for new production partners. You could help us to make even more families happy with this product.

A safe sleep with CloudCuddle

CloudCuddle designs bed tents for handicapped children. We sell these in Europe. Weekenders with friends and family, holidays ,or even a stay at a hospital: with CloudCuddle, you can go wherever you want. Every standard bed with a 1-person size mattress can be changed into a safe sleeping environment in five minutes time.

Let’s scale-up the production

The CloudCuddle consists of an inflatable frame and a textile cover. We are looking for a production partner in India to manufacture the textile cover for our product. This year we aim to let the production partner produce 100 covers, and in the next year 500 covers. It is important to us that the partner in India is able to produce medical devices with the required certificates and quality management system.

The most important part of the CloudCuddle is the textile cover. This consists of four types of fabric:

- a polyester knitted mesh, used for the netting panels, 3,86 m2 total 

- a dark blue scuba material, used for covering the tubes, 2,16 m2 total 

- a white polyester as part of a mattress cover, 1,76 m2 total 

- a cotton fabric for the replaceable sheet 1,69 m2 total 

Zipper & bag material

Furthermore it uses a total zipper length of 916+592+558=2066 cm. Four white straps are attached of a total length of 664cm. Three black straps are attached of a total length of 450 cm. Both straps have the width of 2,7 cm. Each strap has a buckle attached, so in total 7 buckles are used. Lastly for each cover one press-button is used. The CloudCuddle is also accompanied by a bag of black polyester 0,6 m2 total. The bag uses 430 cm of strap, of 2,7 cm width. It uses a cord of 200 cm long, tree buckles and one cord stopper.

Get in touch with us

So, are you this manufacturer or producer that we are looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this by matching your solution to this challenge at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you leave a comment if you just have some questions or if you need more information. We are looking forward to be hearing from you

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Richard de la Roy
Richard de la Roy

Maybe I know a new Dutch material (as resource) for this solution. Not sure if technology is ready to share for partner in India.

CloudCuddle: Hi, thank you for responding. Could you share the contact person of that technology? Then I can contact them to see if we could match our products :)

03 April 2019 15:47
Suzan Jacobs
Suzan Jacobs

Hi! Are you looking for a production partner or fabric only? And recycled polyester?

CloudCuddle: Hi, not sure how to respond so I will do it in this comment box. We are looking for a production partner of the entire cover. If that is not possible to find, we are looking for a manufacturer of the canopy material. We would be happy to get in touch with either of these type of companies. Would you have a good contact for that?

03 April 2019 13:01
Fioen van Balgooi
Fioen van Balgooi

Hi! I have asked the consortium Clothes the Circle if they have connections and to respond to this article.

CloudCuddle: Hi, thank you for your response. Please let us know if they got back on you about the matter. Hopefully we can find a partner through the Clothes the Circle.

03 April 2019 09:15
Lonneke Michiels
Lonneke Michiels

Hey there! I have some more questions about the CloudCuddle!

1. Why do you prefer to produce the material in India or Sri Lanka?
2. Are you willing to pay more for materials that are produced sustainably and ethically?

These things weren't (explicitly) mentioned in the description, so we would like to see them added.

02 April 2019 17:49