Circular Food Packaging of Fresh Food in Western Europe and California

Demonstrate that Circularly Packaged Fresh Food Can Be Accepted by Consumers and Economically Viable
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Circular Food Packaging of Fresh Food in Western Europe and California

We're looking for fresh food growing co-ops in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium who sell (branded) products to supermarkets and want to offer truely circular packaged goods to their customers.  

Help up solve one of barriers to increased penetration of circular foodstuffs available to consumers in Dutch, German, Belgium and California supermarkts, namely:  Lack of consumer insights and feedback about actual understanding, acceptance, and emotions (usage) surrounding circularly packaged food products constrains their successful retail deployment.

We're setting up a two year research and field trials demonstration here in Western Eurpope and in California in parallel to solve the problem above.   This requires a consortium of fresh food growing co-ops, supermarkets, and perhaps packagers, to first listen to consumers in detail.  Then we will field trial newly packaged fresh foods and measure consumer acceptance and behavior at supermarket retail environments.  

Thus at this time we're looking for mid-sized or co-ops supplying fresh foods to supermarkets to join our efforts.  We need cooperation, some funding, and committment to work openly with the value chains here in Western Europe for the next 2 years.  At the same time you are given the opportunity to learn from our efforts in parallel in California.

The research is being organized and headed up by a multi functional team at these universities:

1.  Fontys University of Applied Sciences 

2.  University of Twente

3.  California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo

Interested companies are asked to contact the research director via this platform.

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George Szanto
George Szanto

Iris, yes indeed the Impact Hub program Nov. 28th would have been a very interesting event to attend for our research group. However the lead time is too short. We will pursue contacts other ways with the Impact Hub.

27 November 2019 15:34
Iris Carolina de Roos - de Gruijter
Iris Carolina de Roos - de Gruijter

It's a little last minute, but perhaps our collaboration with the Impact Hub in Amsterdam can be of inspiration to you: The Whole Package event on Thursday 28th of November (starts at 6pm).

26 November 2019 10:48