, Biosfera and Deccan search for partners, experts and collaborators for Pixel City Bangalore

Summary and Biosfera search experts for development Pixel City Bangalore: Reinventing the Garden City. An optimal balance for a green work-life balance. We are looking for urban agricultural experts!
This challenge has been matched, Biosfera and Deccan search for partners, experts and collaborators for Pixel City Bangalore

The Indian city of Bangalore has been known by many names: from pensioners paradise to the Silicon Valley of India. With over 12 million people, Bangalore has been attractive for all kinds of people and businesses. This created a rich pool of talented engineers who are looking beyond their desks and make Bangalore their home: In gated communities.

The concept of Pixel City

In recent years, major international players in the IT sector have settled in Bangalore. We want to reach an optimal balance for a green work-life balance. Inspired by nature and backed by service intensive and technologically-focused companies, we could provide end-users with an ecosystem that can save employees a lot of commuting. Pixels are meant to be a concentrated area of reasonable size, that employers can buy for their employees. This ecosystem, in turn, can be designed to generate positive impact within, and outside the pixels. The Pixel City concept of BLOC.nlThe Biosfera Foundation and Deccan aims to develop city plots that entail:

  • A circular economy with clean energy and food production, flexible workspaces and long and short stay residence;
  • Multiple smart grids for electricity, cooling and other commodities;
  • A smart mobility system with automatic moving vehicles and good connectivity to the rest of the city with point to point transfers;
  • A facility service company that coordinates a unique collection of services by local and international parties such as Dell, Tata, Microsoft, Infosys, etc.,[CaaS – City as a Service];
  • A real-time monitoring and management platform for measuring, assigning and trading impact generated by the users of Pixel City. All value going in and out of the pixels is traceable and securely stored and shared with all users.

Pixels are never by themselves

With 1.2 Billion people in India, there is a huge market potential for similar Pixel City projects throughout the country and it has the potential for the rest of the world. The concept is meant for the high-end market, targeting expat communities. Pixels will be sold to companies that employ a significant amount of foreign employees that have to be stationed locally. These pixels will have a  positive spillover-effect on the value of the land in the areas surrounding the pixel.

Next to that, we strive for more social mobility and social cohesion in all cities. Pixels are specific plots in a city block that are sustainably (re)designed for commuting internationals. However, in contrast to a gated community, pixels need to interact with the surrounding areas. Summerised: Pixel City Bangalore will be developing urban areas with a measurable positive footprint.

Looking for experts

To get our concept off the ground, Pixel city Bangalore is looking for quality small-scale urban agricultural experts that are willing to engage locally in Bangalore. People that can help us with development of IT solutions (e.g. data gathering), circular economy (e.g. water and waste treatment), and/or sustainable energy generation. Help us upgrade the garden city!

For more information, questions or suggestions contact Daniel Lipschits via email (, or by adding a comment/solution below.

PIXEL CITY Project brief

Cover photo: Image courtesy of Luka Stojanovic. All rights reserved.

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Harrouzi Abd elhamid
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