Solidaridad Asia is looking for Dutch sustainable solutions for 3 sectors in India

To stimulate cooperation between the Netherlands and India, which contribute to the new economy. Read more:
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Solidaridad Asia is looking for Dutch sustainable solutions for 3 sectors in India

In collaboration with Solidaridad Asia and commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in India, we are striving to make several sectors in India become sustainable by providing scalable and economically effective solutions.

Sector-wide challenges

The impact of climate change translates into sector-wide effects and has economic consequences for the following several industries, such as:

  • Sugarcane
  • Leather
  • Textile

Our question

We invite Dutch companies with expertise in making (one of the) mentioned sectors more sustainable. Is your company specialized and do you (or are you planning to) run activities in India? Please, get in touch with our team.

One of our projects: collaborations for developing climate resilient varieties in Sugarcane

Currently a project is running in the field of sugarcanes. Here we discovered several challenges in the agriculture. Read here one of our challenges in which we are working together to develop climate-proof sugarcane varieties.

About Solidaridad Asia

Solidaridad Asia provides scalable and economically effective sustainability solutions in agriculture and mining sectors in collaboration with governments, businesses and the community. We aim to drive sustainability from niche to norm in Asian markets and among Asian producers in a way that supports people, planet and profits. Learn more.

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